The Right Eyeglass Lenses

Some take an hour to make; others may take a week. All lenses are not created equal. There are different ways of making your lenses, the more precision it requires, the longer it takes. Our professional staff at Trinity Eye Care understands the importance of treating patients with the utmost care. We work hard to understand your life style and provide you with eyewear that fits and improves your quality of vision. Not all lenses are the same; that is why we try our best to know who you are and what you do before we offer our expert opinion. Whether it is a computer lens or a complex high definition lens, our opticians promise to get you the right lens for the right occasion.

Recommended Brands

  • Varilux
  • Younger
  • Pixel Optics composite lenses
  • Superfocus adjustable focus lenses

Types of Lenses

  • Computer Lenses
  • Outdoor lenses
  • Wiley X Lenses
  • Specialty Lenses
  • 3d Gaming Lenses
  • ​​​​​​​ChromaGen Lenses