Eye Aerobics & Exercises

Exercise to Start the Day

1. Sit on the floor with your legs crossed and breath slowly and regularly.
2. Look up and then down 5 times. Close your eyes.
3.Look to the right and to the left 5 times. Close your eyes.
4. Look up, look right, look down and look left 5 times. Close your eyes.
5. Look up, look left, look down and look right 5 times. Close your eyes.
6. Rub the palms of your hands together until they feel warm, then place them gently on your eyelids.

Exercise for Tired Eyes

This exercise relaxes the eye muscles and stimulates the circulation of aqueous humor. It should be done every time you need to rest your eyes during the day.

Close your eyes and rub the palms of your hands together until they feel warm. Hold the palms near your eyes without touching them. The warmth from your hands will be transferred to the eyes and relax them. Repeat this exercise at least 3 times.

Exercise for Relaxing Strained Eyes

Sit down and rapidly open and close your eyes 10 times, then keep them closed for at least 20 seconds. Repeat this exercise 5 times.

Program for relaxing the eyes and the area around them

Massaging the eyes and the area around the nose encourages the circulation and relaxes the muscles.

Exercise 1 Hold the base of your nose between your thumb and middle finger; place your index finger between your eyes; move your fingers in a circular direction around the nose.

Exercise 2 Place your thumb below your cheek and using your index and middle fingers, massage gently from the middle of the forehead towards the temple and down as far as the base of the ears.

Exercise 3 Place both thumbs on your temples. Bend your index fingers and press gently while moving your fingers from the bottom of the nose up to the eyebrows. This exercise activates reflexes in the neck area and at the base of the shoulders.

Exercise 4 Gently massage the eyelids using your index and middle fingers. With your thumbs, move from the nose to the eyebrows and temples. Repeat this exercise a number of times.

Exercise 5 With your thumb, index and middle fingers, lightly tap the area around the eyes.

Simple Remedies for Tired Eyes

Milk with ice and a gel mask for the eyes. Puffy eyes are caused by lymphatic fluid that builds up around the eyes. To prevent excessive fluid buildup, it is important to pay attention to what you eat, drink lots of liquids (from 1.5 to 2.5 liters a day of water or unsweetened tea) and don’t overdo the amount of alcohol you drink.

In addition to the cosmetic treatments available from pharmacies and cosmetics stores, an iced milk pack is a do-it-yourself remedy for unsightly bags and puffiness. Dilute a quarter of a cup of whole milk with the same amount of water and add ice cubes.

Soak two cotton rounds in the iced milk and place them on closed eyes for 10 minutes. The nutrition in the milk will relieve redness around the eyes and the ice will contract dilated blood vessels.

Another simple and handy remedy that gives the eyes immediate comfort is a gel mask, which is kept in the fridge and used – hot or cold – according to requirements. To relieve puffiness, heaviness and headache, lie down for a few minutes with the cold gel mask on closed eyes; to relieve congestion of the respiratory tract and tension, heat the gel mask in warm water for 5-6 minutes and place it on closed eyes.

The Steps for Eye Wellbeing

  • Eat fruit with orange or red pulp, and green vegetables
  • Rest the eyes at regular intervals throughout the day
  • Sleep for 6-8 hours a night
  • Visit your optometrist regularily