Ideal Candidates for Ortho-k

Statistics show that more than 150 million Americans depend on corrective lenses to complete their everyday activities. But wearing traditional contact lenses and eyeglasses daily can be quite challenging, no matter how effective they may be. Yet, there is a better solution. 

Ortho-k is a vision correction solution that is quite simple and very effective. You wake up with perfect vision and do not have to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses throughout the day.

What Ortho-k Is All About

To know if you are a good candidate for ortho-k, you must first understand what it is. Refractive errors in your eyes often have to do with the shape of your cornea and lenses. If either or both lose their natural shape, your vision becomes compromised. This is because the incoming light does not focus properly on the retina.

Ortho-k or orthokeratology is a simple and painless procedure that seeks to reshape your cornea. It uses rigid gas permeable contact lenses that you wear when going to sleep. When you wake in the morning, you will have better vision due to the overnight reshaping of your cornea. This can hold up for a long time, giving you improved vision throughout the day.

Who Can Benefit From Ortho-k?

Eye specialists often use ortho-k contact lenses to correct myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism, and other age-related vision problems (presbyopia). More importantly, this treatment can slow or stop myopia from progressing, especially in younger patients.

An Ideal Candidate for Ortho-k

Generally, it is a viable option for people of all ages. Children as young as six enjoy the benefits of orthokeratology. You can assess if you are specifically ideal for ortho-k by considering the following:

  • If you experience an abrupt increase in nearsightedness. You can greatly benefit from orthokeratology’s myopia-preventing aspects.

  • If you are unable to wear contact lenses daily. This could be due to many factors such as allergies, itchiness, and others.

  • If you indulge in activities or work in an environment that requires perfect vision using corrective lenses.

  • If you have a family history of progressive or high myopia, your child is an ideal candidate for ortho-k. When done early, it reduces the risk of developing conditions such as glaucoma or retinal detachment.

  • If you have low to moderate astigmatism, you are also an ideal candidate.

  • If you are usually physically active or an athlete and cannot wear contact lenses or eyeglasses.

  • If you do not qualify for refractive surgery.

  • If you are genuinely afraid of surgery.

Aside from the reasons above, many people also resort to ortho-k simply because they do not like how they look in glasses. Others want to enjoy the freedom of clear vision without lenses.

Where to Get Ortho-k Contact Lenses

Your eye doctor will examine and ascertain if you are a fit candidate for ortho-k. He or she will lead you through the appropriate steps for acquiring the right lenses for you.

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