Wiley X Lenses

The Wiley X Legacy

Originally started as a eye protection for the U.S. military forces, Wiley X evolved into a brand that provides excellent eye protection with superior optical quality lens. After protecting the U.S. servicemen for twenty years, today, it is also popular among motorcycle enthusiasts, cyclists, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Wiley X Frames

All Wiley X are made out of Triloid Nylon, which making their frames virtually unbreakable. Customers have even reported that frames run over by moving vehicles remain intact. All Wiley X frames also surpass the ANSI Z87.1-2003 standard for flammability. Under an open flame, the Wiley X frames burn at less than 3 minutes per inch. Making Wiley X a flame resistant frame. Their top down ventilation design facilitated airflow, reducing heat and fogging, thereby allowing optimal vision of the road. Some of the Wiley X sunglasses also feature their patented Facial Cavity Seals, The seal adds to the wearer addition protection against flying derbies as well as dust and particles in the air.

Wiley X Lenses

The Wiley X Filter 8 Polarized lenses combine eight layers of lens technology in one lens. The top and bottom make up of the Slick clear optical coatings, preventing any smudges on the lens surfaces. Underneath the Slick coating is the T-Shell scratch resistant coating, protecting the lenses from any accidental scratches. A Filter 8 polarized film is embedded between two Selenite polycarbonate lenses, providing 100% UV protection and 99.9% polarization. Finally, a single layer of Violet 4 anti-reflective coating at the backside of the lens prevent any internal reflection from light sources behind the wearers. Most of the Wiley X sunglasses also come with the option of LA light Adjusting lenses, which darken as the brightness of the sun dictates. Allowing light transmission from 85% in cloudy environment to 17% under bright sunlight. All Wiley X lens meets and exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2003 high velocity impact safety and optical standards. Some of them are even meets or exceeds the military MIL-DTL-43511D (goggles) and MIL-PRF-31013 (spectacles) ballistic standards. Making them the perfect choice for safety goggles. Wiley X sunlenses also available in your single vision and progressive prescription, providing optimal clarity with maximum protection. Visit us with your glasses prescription and let us put your vision correction in this amazing sunglasses.

What is Polarization?

While ordinary tinted lenses reduce brightness, only polarized lenses eliminate glare. Polarization is achieved by placing a thin sheet of polarized film between two layers of material. Light rays vibrate in many directions. As light passes through a polarized lens, the polarized film channels the light rays to travel in the same direction; thus eliminating unsightly glare, much the same way as a Venetian blind channels light. The three most important factors in grading a polarized lens are: (a) clarity of the polarized film: inferior polarized lenses have a hazy film. (b) density of the polarized film: lenses that possess a light film will not perform as well as lenses that utilize a dark film. (c) film placement: in order to achieve a cosmetically appealing thin pair of eyeglasses, the laboratory must be able to know, with certainty, exactly where the polarized film is placed in relationship to the front of the lens. With proper polarized lenses in your sunglasses, not only will you see comfortably, you can also reassure that your eyes will be protected properly for any outdoor environment.