Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy: A New Way to Correct Vision

If you suffer from symptoms such as difficulties with reading, double vision, moving words, dizziness, motion sickness, headaches and eye strain, you could be suffering from binocular vision dysfunction or the inability to use two eyes as a team.

A comprehensive treatment program, which includes vision therapy and prism glasses, may be the solution for your eye problems. Many patients have benefitted from this therapy and have experienced positive changes in their vision. Check out these testimonials for more information.

What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is a long-standing, proven approach to correcting binocular visual dysfunction such as convergence insufficiency, strabismus (cross eyes), amblyopia (lazy eyes), TBI (traumatic brain injury/concussion), ABI (acquired brain injury/strokes). Under a physician’s supervision, vision therapy can help strengthen eye control and correct vision problems.

Through a series of office visits, the patient is directed with specialized treatment devices and computer software through the progressive therapy treatments. Additional exercises may be assigned as homework to continue the progression of retraining the eyes to coordinate with feedback from the brain. Before long, the patient may experience relief from common up-close vision challenges.

Who is a Good Candidate for Vision Therapy?

At your first visit, Dr. Pang will conduct an assessment to determine if vision therapy is the right treatment for your unique vision concerns. He will then discuss a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs that could include a clinic program and additional exercises to reinforce the use of both eyes.

How Can I Pay for Vision Therapy?

You can pay for your or your child’s vision therapy through our self-pay option. Another possibility is to use your healthcare’s FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or HSA (Health Savings Account). Our insurance coordinator, Gloria, is available to help you find the best option to underwrite your treatment.

What’s the First Step?

To get started on your journey towards improved vision, call our office today at 972-378-0707 to schedule an exam. We’re ready to go to work to help you have a brighter, clearer future.