Specialty Lenses

Varilux Sport Lenses

Varilux has released Varilux Sport, the first lens geared specifically to the athlete in you. Each lens is designed for task- specific events such as hiking, biking, golf, etc. The design and Polarization color are specific to research done on that sport, giving you maximum viewing area, maximum protection, and vision enhancement. Now available at Trinity Eye Care.

Lens Color Guide

None-stop lifestyles have led to a new group of patients who expect their sunwear to perform like the high-tech equipment they use for sports. Colors play an important role in sunglass enhancement. Gone are the days of two color choices (gray and brown). A wide variety of color options are now available, each with unique benefits for a vast array of sports.

  • Golf - Violet colored lenses provide better tracking of a white ball against the green grass. For color discrimination while viewing the ball in the air and on the course, brown, brownish-rose and green lenses are helpful
  • Archery or Firearms - will better discern their targets when using yellow, orange or amber lenses.
  • Baseball - brown lenses are the color of choice to distinguish the ball in the blue sky as well as on the green field.
  • Cycling - when interchangeable lenses can be taken along, yellow or vermillion work best in low-light conditions, while blue or brown/amber assist to increase contrast.

More Sport Lenses

  • Fishing or Boating - the tried and true gray polarized lenses are still an excellent choice.
  • Hiking - Interchangeable lenses with color choices of yellow, amber, and darker brown assist with contrast and can help as light increases or diminishes over the day into dusk.
  • Running - consider dark brown or gray for sunny days, and yellow/amber as lights levels decrease. Consider flash mirrors for brighter days.
  • Skiing/Snowboarding - amber offers good contrast from blue sky, switching to vermillion, orange, or yellow for low light conditions. Polarized lenses can also be helpful.
varilux sport