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Computer Lenses in Plano TX

Welcome to the Digital World

As we look around our desk, how many gadgets did you find that have a LCD screen attached to it? Blackberry, iphone, laptop computer, Palm PDA, PSP, PS2, Game Cube, GPS, flat screen TV...... It seems like every part of our life is tied to some kind of digital devices. Computer vision syndrome is no longer an uncommon problem, it is an epidemic. What are some of the symptoms of computer vision syndrome? Eye strain, fatigue, tearing and light sensitivity are some common symptoms. Of course, blur vision and headaches are also at the top of the list. In the past, simple tactics such as non-glare screens, simple eye drops are sufficient to resolve most of the problems. However, with the increase in our digital demands, these simple remedies are no longer sufficient to solve the problems created by our digital world.

Depending on your visual needs and demands, sometimes a simple out of the box digital performance lens will solve most of the fatigue your eyes experiences. For those who are already wearing prescription glasses, custom make prescription Gunnar digital performance lenses will definitely make your eyes “smile”. These prescription glasses are made to your specific visual environment. Therefore, certain measurements are required in order to make the Gunnar lenses work for you. Please refer to the table and bring these measurement in before you order your computer lenses.

Measurements Needed for Fitting:

  1. Where is the farthest you need to see when you are working on your computer? Do you need to look at a big screen further down?

  2. How far away is your computer screen from you? (Measure from the bridge of your nose to the screen surface.)

  3. What is the screen size of your computer?

  4. When you are sitting straight, where is the upper edge of the computer screen from your line of sight. Is it below the line of sight or above the line of sight? How much does it go under or go over your line of sight?

  5. If you have to refer to any reading material on your desk, what is the distance between you and the desk?