ChromaGen Lenses

ChromaGen Lenses for Reading

ChromaGen Lenses

How Does It Work?

The ChromaGen™ lenses uses a system of colored filters that have the appearance of neutal gray when worn. These filters can be incorporated into any existing prescription and helps re-synchronize and selectively change the wavelength of light going into both eyes. This change helps reduce the speed of information in the neurological pathways. The slowing of the wavelengths allows for a more accurate synchronization of information in the visual pathway. When this happens, reading will become easier and allows for more effort for other tasks such as handwriting and spelling.

What Does It Do?

ChromaGen can improve the ease of reading as well as increase spelling skills and improve handwriting. Most of all, it gives the individual self-confidence in their abilities to read and understand what they are reading. A university of Liverpool study showed a 35% increase in reading speed and accuracy using the ChromaGen lenses on over 73 participants suffering from reading disability.

Treatable Conditions

  • Double vision
  • Words that are blurry or come in and out of focus
  • Words that move up and down, side-to-side and float on the page
  • Spaces in between the lines move
  • Words that scrunch together or p u l l a p a r t
  • Words that move or come in-and-out of focus
  • Poor handwriting