3D Gaming Lenses

This year at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, the biggest “star” possible would be “3D.” Every major developer was showing off what they can do with 3D technology. But what those major companies forgot to think about style and function. This is where Gunnar Optik gets things right.

Instead of making people wear dorky looking 3D glasses, Gunnar Optiks debuted their new stylish 3D glasses this past spring. The other thing they have done right is making prescription 3D glasses. Instead of putting 3D glasses over your existing prescription glasses, why not just use one pair of glasses. It just makes sense.

GUNNAR Optiks is the first company to develop a full package of lens and frame solutions that addresses the needs of the most demanding digital media users. A recent extension of their core technology in Digital Performance Eyewear, GUNNAR’s i-AMP 3DTM lens technology brings a new frontier to today’s 3D viewer. Never before accessible to the consumer, this level of optical quality lens has previously been reserved for movie making professionals. Compatible with RealD® movies, the innovative lens technology enhances and enriches the viewing experience by providing precision machined, optically correct lenses in place of the cheap, disposable eyewear typically offered by movie theaters.

If you would like to enjoy your 3D gaming experience in style and wish to have your vision prescription put in your 3D glasses, wait no longer, call us for more details.

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Some of the features of the Gunnar 3DTM lens are:

  1. The lens is made out of neutral density polarizing lenses. Unlike the disposable or inexpensive gaming glasses, it will not distort viewers’ color perception. It provide brilliant, precise coloration, perfectly duplicating the intent of the computer graphic artist.

  2. It provides the best transmission of light compare with ordinary 3D glasses. The average transmission of ordinary 3D glasses is about 38%, the Gunnar 3DTM has a light transmission of 42%. Normally brighter light means better visual comfort.

  3. The 3DTM lens is made out of optical quality material. Both the front and back surface are independently polished. As a result, it has lesser peripheral distortion.