Healthy Vision: Exercises for Your Eyes

Let’s face it. We don’t do our eyes any favors. Each day, we stare at our phones, computer screens, tablets, and TVs, and sometimes we even do this in the dark. Although we accept that this is the modern way of life, it doesn’t mean we have to completely sacrifice our eye health. There are ways we can fight sight-deterioration and work toward giving our eyes some movement and relief.


Difficulty focusing, reading, blurred vision, and eye strain are results of our technology-infused and sleep-deprived culture and lifestyle. While I highly recommend regular visits to your optometrist for eye exams and possible treatment or contact adjustments, there are eye exercises we can do in our free time to benefit our vision; it’s called Eyezercise.

You’ve heard that saying that the brain is like a muscle; we have to exercise it to keep it sharp. The same goes for vision – we need to exercise our eyes to keep our vision sharp and our eyes healthy.

Different Exercises for Different Eyes
“Practice makes perfect” is right even for your site. It’s time to use your eyes to their full potential. All it takes is a range of movements and focusing skills that can help you to improve eyesight and prevent eye diseases.

Some exercises include:

  • Gazing into the Darkness: Sit down in a dark room and find a wall to focus on. Once you’ve chosen, gaze at the wall for a couple of minutes at a time.

  • Side-to-Side Eye Movement: This can be done sitting down or standing up. Focus on a central location and simply move your eyes from left to right, without moving your head.

  • Up and Down Eye Movement: This is similar to side-to-side eye movement, only you are moving your eyes up and down, without moving your head.

  • Moving Your Eyes Diagonally: Start by looking down and to the left. Then take your eyes diagonally to the right. From there, look straight down, then diagonally to the left. You can do this again, starting down and to the right if wanted.  

  • Rolling Your Eyes in a Circle: Start by rolling your eyes in a clockwise direction and repeat a few times. Then, repeat counterclockwise.

  • Near and Far Focus: Find an object that you can focus on nearby. Then, find something distant. Look at the nearby object and see it in detail, then look at the object in the distance and see it in detail. Repeat as needed.


Let’s Put It All in Focus

As an expert, I truly believe these exercises will help strengthen the muscles in your eyes and maintain or even improve your current vision level. These exercises are designed to strengthen your eye muscles, stimulate your brain, and help keep your vision healthy. To keep your eyes in great shape, be sure to give them a good workout!