5 Tips to Avoid Dry Eye While Wearing Contacts

Did you know that dry eye is one of the most common complaints among patients who wear contact lenses?


There is a common misconception that you cannot wear contacts if you have dry eyes. This is not so since there are ways to manage dry eyes. It is true that if you have dry eye, contact lenses can be uncomfortable at times. Also, contacts can exacerbate the symptoms caused by dry eye. However, these will all happen if you do not manage your dry eyes carefully.


What Is Dry Eye?


First, let us look at the dry eye condition. Dry eye is a condition that results from insufficient production of tears or poor tear quality. The tears produced by the eyes are responsible for keeping the eye surface lubricated. The eye's surface dries out when the tear film is affected, causing irritation.


You can get treatment for both conditions as a long-term solution for dry eyes. If you do not want to go in this direction, there are other ways to manage your dry eyes. These can help you wear contacts comfortably while you still have the condition.


  • Wash Your Hands Thoroughly


Before handling your contacts, you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Clean hands ensure that no bacteria get transferred to your eyes. This is because the eye can be susceptible to bacteria and other pathogens, which can easily cause infection and other complications. Keeping good hygiene when handling your contacts will ensure no additional conditions aggravate dry eyes.


  • Do Not Sleep With Your Contacts On


Sleeping with your contacts on puts you at risk of developing a corneal infection. When you sleep with your contacts on, your eyes will not receive all the oxygen they need. The lack of oxygen creates a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to infections. Corneal infections can also cause sores on the cornea, called corneal ulcers.


In addition, sleeping with your contacts on also messes with the production of your tears. This can have a detrimental effect on your dry eyes the next day.


  • Renew Your Lenses As Recommended


Your eye doctor will tell you when to go for a new pair when you get your contact lenses. Contact lenses grow old and wear out, so they need renewing. Old lenses can have accumulated debris and bacteria on them.


Even if you disinfect them daily, they are still susceptible to debris buildup. The debris can make your dry eyes worse. It makes it difficult for the tear film to form entirely over the eye's surface.


  • Change the Contact Solution Daily


It might seem like you are saving on money by topping up the lens solution. However, this is a bad idea since the lens solution from yesterday may have contaminants. Doctors recommend pouring out yesterday's solution and using a new one each day. This ensures that the lenses stay clean and well hydrated. Hydrated lenses are suitable for people with dry eyes.


  • Use Artificial Tears


Artificial tears are a standard recommendation if you have dry eyes. It would help if you used them even when your eyes feel okay. This prevents dryness from coming up during the day. They are a preventive measure against dry eyes.


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