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Importance of UV Protection for the Eyes

Importance of UV Protection for the Eyes

Summer is an excellent time for many exciting activities outside, such as beach tours, outdoor barbecues, and fishing trips. Sadly, long hours in the sun also give ultraviolet (UV) radiation the chance to harm, not just your skin, but your eyes as well.

Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

When you look at something far from you, it may look wavy or blurry. If you have astigmatism and you want to correct it, here are some types of contact lenses to correct this eye condition.

Treating Dry Eyes

Treating Dry Eyes

There are several different causes of dry eyes, and your eye doctor may recommend a combination of different treatment options for you.

Preventing Computer Vision Syndrome

Preventing Computer Vision Syndrome

The average person spends seven hours a day looking at a computer screen. Eyes can be strained when you view television, computer, tablet, or smartphone. In fact, over half of all computer users, including children, now show symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

Ocular Oranges – Healthy Fruit; Healthy Eyes

Fall is finally upon us, and we certainly don’t want to fall behind on our eye health. One color and fruit comes to mind for the fall season: Orange...

Fruit of July: Grapes

You and your kids will have a “grape” time making this recipe! Grapes help maintain healthy retinas and improve your ability to see details while reading, watching Netflix...

Back To School Precautions: Preventing Pink Eye

We’ve now hit August, and soon, the kiddos will be hitting the hallways, cafeterias, and school restrooms, all of which contain plenty of germs.

Don’t Stay in the Dark About Night Vision

October: A Month of Nighttime Activities As Halloween approaches, the days become a little cooler, a little spookier, and little “darker.” From haunted houses and Halloween...

September: Sports Eye Safety Month

Among the many awarenesses in September, one of them is Sports Eye Safety Month. As we are beginning the fall sports season, it makes sense that we should highlight the ups and downs of getting out on the field...

Eye Allergies: Causes, Treatments, and Prevention

When it comes to allergies, you often think of a runny nose, sore throat, and a sinus headache. The next things that suffer are the eyes; they can become itchy, watery, red and even a bit swollen. During allergy season...