OrthoK/Control Corneal Molding

Control Corneal Molding increase the risk of ocular infection?

Just like any contact lenses, Control Corneal Molding can cause eye infection if they are not handled properly. It is important for wearers to know that these devices need to be cleaned, and disinfected everyday to ensure a safe and healthy usage. As with all contact lens wear, infections can be avoided through proper hygiene and proper lens wear along with careful monitoring by Dr. Pang. Clinical findings indicated that the incident of ocular infection from using the Corneal Molding Lens is similar to regular contact lenses.

Will Control Corneal Molding cause corneal abrasion?

The Control Corneal Molding lenses are custom designed to fit on each cornea differently. First the profile of the cornea is captured with a topographer. Essential data points are put into a sophisticate software to create a virtual model of the cornea. Using the digital model, Dr.Pang will design a lens which will place a gentle pressure on the center of the cornea. Next, the design is transmitted to a digital lathe which will generate lenses exactly as it is designed. The Control Corneal Molding lenses are actually sitting on a thin layer of tear. It does not have a direct contact on the corneal tissue as one would think. The gentle pressure is applied on the cornea through the tear film. There is no physical contact between the lens and the cornea. As a result, it is not possible to have any abrasion from using the Control Corneal Molding lenses